The car cartel and the compensation confirmed by the Supreme Court.

In recent days, social media has been informing about the car cartel and the compensation that individuals and legal entities can request. We tell you the key points of this event.


Esther Sánchez Páez

11/9/2021 2 min read

These days you have probably heard in numerous information portals and specialized motor pages that you can claim important amounts if you bought a certain car on a certain date. This is indeed the case. And this is thanks to the recent ruling of the Supreme Court that came to confirm the penalty imposed by the National Commission of Markets and Competition to certain car manufacturers for the collusive practices they carried out between 2006 and 2009.

And you may ask, what is a cartel? A cartel is a formal agreement that is made between companies in the same sector, with the aim of reducing competition or even eliminating it, between them by carrying out a series of actions within the market jointly.

These cartels work against consumers, causing them greater harm in favor of greater benefits for the companies involved. The infringement that these manufacturers carried out consisted in the exchange of highly disaggregated, current and future commercially sensitive confidential information.

These exchanges of information were part of a complex agreement, comprising multiple information exchange agreements, in execution of a preconceived plan, taking advantage of identical occasion generated by specific marketing and after-sales forums, using tracking methods and systems with the same purpose, from February 2006 to August 2013.

As for the possibility of claiming compensation, you must have purchased a vehicle of the following brands between February 2006 and August 2013: Citroën; Mitsubishi; BMW; Chevrolet; Chrysler; Jeep; Dodge; Fiat; Alfa Romeo; Lancia; Ford; Opel; Honda; Hyundai; Kia; Mercedes-Benz; Nissan; Peugeot; Porsche; Renault; Seat; Toyota; Lexus; Volkswagen; Audi; Skoda; and Volvo.

Compensations will depend on each vehicle and must be calculated on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the cartel also included the after-sales services, i.e., the workshop service provided to their customers, so if you have made use of these services for your car, you could also claim the amounts paid in excess as a result of the cost overruns due to the illegal practice of the manufacturers.

Many clients are already asking us for advice and the subsequent filing of the lawsuit to claim the corresponding compensation. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will tell you if your vehicle is affected by the car cartel and we will present you a budget without small print, totally without obligation, to claim your compensation.


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